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Painterly Oil & Acrylic Brushes for Procreate

Alaina Jensen
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Compatibility: These brushes will ONLY work in the Procreate app for iPad. They will not work in Photoshop or any other application. They work best with Apple Pencil.

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Introducing Painterly Oil & Acrylic Brushes for Procreate!

46 Dynamic, carefully engineered oil, acrylic, canvas & texture brushes for Procreate - no stamps, special canvas, or elaborate effects - just amazing brushes.

This is a set of carefully crafted brushes which allow you to create realistic oil and acrylic artwork, right on your iPad. Best of all, the brushes are blissfully uncomplicated and 100% customisable, without resorting to any complicated techniques that interrupt your flow. 

Procreate is one of the most intuitive and popular art apps out there - yet it is notoriously difficult to achieve this type of thick, wet paint effect. This is why I've made it my mission to stretch these boundaries and create a realistic and intuitive brush system which gets out of your way and let's you get back to the business of creating. This brush set has been months and months in the making, and I'm absolutely thrilled to bring it to you now.


  • 31 Oil and Acrylic brushes for Procreate, including Metallic and Impressionistic varieties
  • 15 Canvas and Texture pattern brushes, including Primed Canvas and Texture overlays
  • 9 Color palettes based on the works of classic artists, including Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh
  • A written cheat sheet explaining each brush and how to use them
  • Full video tutorial and walkthrough
  • A growing playlist of demo videos for different techniques and looks.
  • Free support: I am always happy to help with any questions or issues! For support please send me an email at
  • Community: Join other artists using these brushes to exchange tips and show off your work using our Free Facebook Group or on Instagram #amazingalcoholink or #alainajensenbrushes
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Compatible With
Procreate 5 for iPad + Apple Pencil


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Painterly Oil & Acrylic Brushes for Procreate

86 ratings
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